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Look Better on Video Calls With These Easy Lighting Tips

Now that the world’s primary method of communication is the clunky, awkward video call, people’s horrid at-home selves are being revealed. Nobody wants to come across to their co-workers and friends as a dimly lit basement troll. The only thing that can save you is good lighting.

As a professional video producer, I can tell you that finding good lighting isn’t always easy. It’s the reason the task of production usually involves giant lights, accessories, and teams of people to set everything up. For the folks at home, there are some easy adjustments you can make that will shine a light (literally) on your beautiful face and make your next video call just a bit more radiant. Watch our video above to learn about lighting. You’ll learn how to make natural light work for you, and how to tweak your lamp light for a more photogenic look.

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