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      The former N.F.L. quarterback Brett Favre finds himself in the middle of a sprawling scandal in Mississippi.
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      Mississippi Welfare Scandal Spreads Well Beyond Brett Favre

      Millions earmarked for the needy in the nation’s poorest state instead went to projects that benefited the well-to-do, the state alleges, including a volleyball stadium at Mr. Favre’s alma mater.


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      Sarra Tekola and Chase Beckerman, students at A.S.U. whose confrontation went viral.
      CreditPhilip Cheung for The New York Times

      The Education Issue

      The Safe Space That Became a Viral Nightmare

      An argument at Arizona State’s multicultural center spiraled into a disaster for everyone involved. Who was to blame?


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    Big Mouths About Big Debt

    A topic that was once steeped in shame and stigma has become normalized, for better or for worse.


Learning: A Special Report

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    Lunchtime at Dacula High School in Gwinnett County, Ga.
    CreditJesse Pratt López for The New York Times

    Glimpses of How Pandemic America Went Back to School

    Across the country, students are returning to classes. We connected with hundreds of them to see how they — along with teachers, administrators and parents — are coping.


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    The state with the most book bans was Texas, followed by Florida and then Pennsylvania, according to PEN America’s report.
    CreditTimothy O'Connell for The New York Times

    Advocacy Groups Are Helping Drive a Rise in Book Bans

    A report from the free speech organization PEN America looked at the role of politics and advocacy groups in the growing number of book bans in schools across the country.