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    Markus Dochantschi of studioMDA looks through blueprints at what will be the Nino Mier Gallery in TriBeCa. He weans galleries off harsh lighting and helps them find their own welcoming identity through details.
    CreditElizabeth Bick for The New York Times

    His ‘Soft White Cube’ Is Conquering TriBeCa

    With more than a dozen projects, the architect Markus Dochantschi of studioMDA is reshaping the state of the art gallery, one historic building at a time.


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    Vilhelm Hammershoi, “Interior with an Easel, Bredgade 25” (1912). The painting, constructed from blocks of shadow and light, is perspectival perfection, but also one of narrative mystery.
    CreditJ. Paul Getty Museum

    Critic’s Pick

    The Danish Experience: Art That Marries Real and Ideal

    ‘‘Beyond the Light’’ at the Met is a luminous, move-close exhibition whose paintings and drawings render a volatile world with purity of heart and line.


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      The artists noé olivas and Patrisse Cullors outside Charlie James Gallery in Chinatown, Los Angeles, where their show, “Freedom Portals,” is running through April 8.
      CreditTracy Nguyen for The New York Times

      Critic’s Notebook

      For Two Los Angeles Artists, the Spiritual Is Political

      Patrisse Cullors and noé olivas trade activism for spiritual reflection in a joint exhibition that emphasizes the Ifá religious tradition.


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    Zachary Ginsberg said someone online requested to buy one of his paintings immediately because of an upcoming wedding anniversary.
    CreditLila Barth for The New York Times

    These Painters Regret Their Dealings With Scam Artists

    Young artists say they often receive offers by email to purchase their paintings, but many are part of schemes to defraud them by using fake checks and phony shipping companies.


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    Paul Sietsema’s ”Carriage Painting,” from 2023.
    CreditPaul Sietsema, via Matthew Marks Gallery

    What to See in N.Y.C. Galleries in March

    Want to see new art in the city? Check out Bilgé Friedlaender’s exquisite works on paper and Biraaj Dodiya’s new paintings paired with Heidi Lau’s sculptures.

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