Russia-Ukraine War

The war in Ukraine has devastated the country, further isolating Russia from the West and fueling economic insecurity around the world.


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    A giant poster in Luhansk, Ukraine, on Wednesday declared, “With Russia forever!” as Russia appeared poised to try to annex the region.
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    Russian Proxies in Ukraine Push Moscow to Annex Occupied Regions

    The requests lent an air of formality to a process condemned by the West. They followed sham referendums in four regions in Ukraine that purported to put voters’ stamp of approval on joining Russia.

    By Andrew E. KramerMarc Santora and

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      A Georgia-Russia border checkpoint on Monday. Georgia said it would let people enter on foot, and its interior minister said about 10,000 people were seeking entry into the country each day.
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      As Russians Flee, Some Find Draft Notices Waiting at the Border

      The Kremlin dispatched federal security forces to frontier border crossings packed with Russian men trying to escape the draft by entering countries like Georgia, Kazakhstan and Mongolia.

      By Marc SantoraAndrew E. Kramer and

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      CreditThe New York Times

      ‘Putin Is a Fool’: Intercepted Calls Reveal Russian Army in Disarray

      In phone calls to friends and relatives at home, Russian soldiers gave damning insider accounts of battlefield failures and civilian executions, excoriating their leaders just weeks into the campaign to take Kyiv.

      By Yousur Al-HlouMasha FroliakEvan HillRumsey TaylorMatt RubyAleksandra Koroleva and

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      Antonina Andriyenko, 74, on the balcony of her apartment in Kharkiv, Ukraine, in July. “We stayed because we didn’t know where to go,” she said.
      CreditEmile Ducke for The New York Times

      For a Deaf Family in Ukraine, the Bombs Came Without Warning

      People with disabilities in the country are often isolated and poor, and for those like Antonina Andriyenko and her daughter, Tanya, the fear and confusion of trying to stay safe is a constant struggle.


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    Reservists from Tara, in the Omsk region of Siberia, at a recruitment office on Monday.
    CreditAlexey Malgavko/Reuters

    Russia Admits to Draft Problems as Anger Flares Into Violence

    The Kremlin’s spokesman tried to shift blame for errors in the call-up to regional agencies on Monday, the same day a gunman attacked a draft office in Siberia.

    By Valerie HopkinsShashank Bengali and

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    Ukrainian soldiers at an entrenched position this month near the Kherson front.
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    In Ukraine’s South, Fierce Fighting and Deadly Costs

    The offensive in the south was the most highly anticipated military action of the summer. Ukraine is making gains, but the fighting is grinding, grueling and steep in casualties.


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    Investigators exhumed bodies at the site of a mass grave in Izium this month.
    CreditNicole Tung for The New York Times

    On a Corpse’s Wrist, an Emblem of Ukrainian Fortitude

    When they pulled Serhiy Sova’s body from a grave in Izium, his wrist bore a bracelet in Ukraine’s colors, given to him by his children. The image has transfixed the nation.

    By Marc Santora and

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    Can Ukraine Break Through Again?

    A surprise advance this month exposed deep vulnerabilities in Russia’s overstretched military. As Russia calls for more troops, can Ukraine keep gaining ground?

    By Marco Hernandez and