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    The Zaporizhzhia Nuclear Power Plant, as seen from across the Dnipro River, is at the center of grave, and growing, concerns.
    Credit David Guttenfelder for The New York Times

    In Ukraine, a Nuclear Plant Held Hostage

    Five months after Russian forces took over the Zaporizhzhia plant, all that stands between the world and nuclear disaster are dedicated Ukrainian operators working at gunpoint.

    By Marc Santora and

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    Former President Donald J. Trump is going into battle in the documents investigation without the experienced lawyers who were at his disposal when he was in the White House.
    CreditJamie Kelter Davis for The New York Times

    political memo

    Trump, Without the Presidency’s Protections, Struggles for a Strategy

    Facing serious legal peril in the documents investigation, the former president has turned to his old playbook of painting himself as persecuted amid legal and political stumbles.

    By Maggie HabermanGlenn Thrush and


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