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    News about Speaker Nancy Pelosi on a restaurant’s TV in Taipei, Taiwan, on Monday.
    CreditAnn Wang/Reuters

    As Pelosi Arrives, Quiet Defiance in Taiwan

    Public nonchalance about the tensions over Nancy Pelosi belies a political reality: Many are tired of China’s threats and crave American support.

    By Paul MozurChris Horton and

    1. Photo
      Ayman al-Zawahri, left, listening to Osama bin Laden during a news conference in Khost, Afghanistan, in 1998. Al-Zawahri became Al Qaeda’s leader after Bin Laden’s death.
      CreditMazhar Ali Khan/Associated Press

      How the C.I.A. Tracked the Leader of Al Qaeda

      The U.S. search for Ayman al-Zawahri had spanned decades. His presence on a balcony at a safe house in Kabul presented an opportunity to strike.

      By Julian E. Barnes and

    2. Photo
      Taliban stand guard in the neighborhood where a U.S. drone strike killed the Qaeda leader Ayman al-Zawahiri.
      CreditEPA, via Shutterstock

      News Analysis

      For the Taliban, a New Era of Isolation Has Arrived

      The group has promised moderation even while reinstituting its harsh rule of Afghanistan. Now, the revelation that the Taliban were sheltering Al Qaeda’s leader is likely to harden support for sanctions.

      By Christina Goldbaum and




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