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    Downtown Chicago last week as virus cases rose once more.
    CreditJamie Kelter Davis for The New York Times

    Covid Rises Across U.S. Amid Muted Warnings and Murky Data

    BA.5, a highly transmissible variant, is dominating a surge of new infections. Many health officials say the wave is cause for caution, not alarm.

     By Julie BosmanThomas Fuller and

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      The Rev. Najuma Smith-Pollard and other faith leaders said eliminating abortion rights could be part of a broader movement to restrict individual rights.
      CreditMorgan Lieberman for The New York Times

      Democrats Navigate Nuanced Views on Abortion Among Black Voters

      Faced with a streak of conservatism about abortion among some Black Americans, a vital constituency for President Biden, Democrats are framing the issue as part of a broader civil rights struggle.



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