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      At Yale, 14 percent of the class of 2025 were the offspring of a Yale graduate.
      CreditAndrew Sullivan for The New York Times

      Elite Colleges’ Quiet Fight to Favor Alumni Children

      Colleges like Yale and Harvard give a boost to legacy applicants. But with affirmative action under attack, that tradition may become harder to defend.


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      Drones in an underground base in Iran. Over the past decade, Iran and its proxies in Yemen, Lebanon, Syria and Iraq have increasingly used the weapons to attack Israel and others.
      CreditIranian Army Office, via Agence France-Presse — Getty Images

      Israel Works With Arab Allies to Down Drones, in Sign of Growing Ties

      The destruction of Iranian drones last year was an early example of a new regional military project that President Biden is trying to shore up during his Middle East visit.

       By Ronen Bergman and


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