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    Former President Donald J. Trump at a rally in Anchorage last weekend.
    CreditAsh Adams for The New York Times

    Half of G.O.P. Voters Ready to Leave Trump Behind, Poll Finds

    Far from consolidating his support, the former president appears weakened in his party, especially with younger and college-educated Republicans. Gov. Ron DeSantis of Florida is the most popular alternative.


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      The billionaire SpaceX owner and Tesla chief executive Elon Musk.
      CreditMike Blake/Reuters

      How Elon Musk Damaged Twitter and Left It Worse Off

      Mr. Musk swooped in and exposed Twitter’s lack of business and financial prospects. After criticizing the company’s weaknesses, he now wants to back out of buying it.

       By Kate Conger and

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      Gail Linsenbard, a Colorado university lecturer, relocated to New York recently in order to stay at a friend’s apartment rent free.
      CreditGabby Jones for The New York Times

      Relief Eludes Many Renters as Fed Raises Interest Rates

      As the central bank sharply increases borrowing costs, it could lock would-be home buyers into rentals and keep a hot market under pressure.

       By Jeanna Smialek and


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