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    President Biden has said he hopes the diversity he has brought to the high ranks of the federal government will be a centerpiece of his legacy.
    CreditStefani Reynolds for The New York Times

    Biden Expected to Nominate a Black Woman to the Supreme Court

    The president’s promise highlights a group that has struggled to become part of the very small pool of elite judges in the nation’s higher federal courts.

     By Michael D. Shear and

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      Russian T-72B3 tanks during drills this month at the Kadamovskiy firing range in southern Russia.
      CreditAssociated Press

      Russia’s Military, Once Creaky, Is Modern and Lethal

      A significantly upgraded military has emerged as a key tool of Vladimir Putin’s foreign policy, as he flexes his might around the globe and, most ominously, on the Ukraine border.

       By Anton TroianovskiMichael Schwirtz and


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