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    Firefighters found victims on every floor of a 19th-story Bronx building after a blaze started Sunday morning, the fire commissioner said.
    CreditDavid Dee Delgado for The New York Times

    19 Killed in New York City’s Deadliest Fire in Decades

    Nine children were among those who died when a space heater malfunctioned in a Bronx apartment building, city officials said.

    By Ashley SouthallGrace Ashford and

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      Susanville, Calif., is poised to lose a significant part of its economy if the state closes the California Correctional Center, a major employer for the community.
      CreditMax Whittaker for The New York Times

      ‘Nothing Will Be the Same’: A Prison Town Weighs a Future Without a Prison

      After a decade of efforts that sharply reduced inmate populations, California is closing prisons. One town at the edge of a valley in remote northeast California whose economy is built on incarceration is waging a legal battle to keep a prison open.

      By Tim Arango and


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