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    The actual site of a March 2016 coalition airstrike in Mosul, Iraq, was over a mile away from where the U.S. military said the strike had taken place.
    CreditIvor Prickett for The New York Times

    visual investigations

    Documents Reveal Basic Flaws in Pentagon Dismissals of Civilian Casualty Claims

    A Times investigation found inconsistent approaches to assessing claims of civilians killed by coalition forces — including failures to conduct simple internet searches.

    By Azmat KhanHaley WillisChristoph KoettlChristiaan Triebert and

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      Ms. Abrams’s ability to bridge two Democratic factions that are often at odds may be crucial in her run for governor of Georgia.
      CreditBrynn Anderson/Associated Press

      Left and Center-Left Both Claim Stacey Abrams. Who’s Right?

      Ms. Abrams, the Georgia Democrat running for governor, has admirers in both wings of her party — and Republicans eager to defeat her. Her carefully calibrated strategy faces a test in 2022.


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      The remnants of burned down homes in the aftermath of the Marshall fire in Louisville, Colo. 
      CreditErin Schaff/The New York Times

      Colorado Residents Ponder the Road Ahead After Wildfires

      Days after what might be the most damaging wildfire in state history, residents are just beginning to make sense of the long road back and the extent of the damage.

      By Charlie Brennan and


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