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    Omaha officers used a Taser a dozen times when detaining Zachary Bear Heels in 2017. A paid expert testified that the stun gun could not have contributed to the man’s death.

    How Paid Experts Help Exonerate Police After Deaths in Custody

    Inside the self-reinforcing ecosystem of people who advise, train and defend officers. Many accuse them of slanting science and perpetuating aggressive tactics.

     By Jennifer Valentino-DeVriesMike McIntireRebecca R. RuizJulie Tate and

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      Civilian trainees practicing first aid during a mock military exercise near Kyiv, Ukraine, in December.
      CreditOksana Parafeniuk for The New York Times

      Training Civilians, Ukraine Nurtures a Resistance in Waiting

      Eastern European nations have drawn a lesson from America’s wars of the last decades: Insurgency works. Ukraine’s training of volunteers has become a factor in the standoff with Russia.





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