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    Protesters gathered outside Iran’s Parliament in Tehran on Saturday in response to the killing of Mohsen Fakrizadeh, the country’s top nuclear scientist.
    CreditArash Khamooshi for The New York Times

    Brazen Killings Expose Iran’s Vulnerabilities as It Struggles to Respond

    After suffering a string of audacious attacks, Tehran faces an agonizing choice: embracing hard-liner demands for swift retaliation or trying to make a fresh start with the Biden administration.

    By David D. KirkpatrickRonen Bergman and

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      A patient with severe respiratory problems at the Bolognini Hospital in Seriate, Bergamo, in November. The northern Italian province is now confronting a second wave of Covid-19.
      CreditFabio Bucciarelli for The New York Times

      Behind the Curve

      The Lost Days That Made Bergamo a Coronavirus Tragedy

      The northern Italian province became one of the deadliest killing fields for the virus in the Western world. But a Times investigation found that faulty guidance and bureaucratic delays rendered the toll far worse than it had to be.

      By Jason Horowitz and

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      Alex Padilla, right, California’s secretary of state, is considered the front-runner as Gov. Gavin Newsom, left, ponders contenders to replace Vice President-elect Kamala Harris in the Senate.
      CreditCarolyn Cole/Los Angeles Times, via Getty Images

      One Seat, Competing Pressures as Newsom Considers Senate Pick

      Alex Padilla, California’s secretary of state, has emerged as the front-runner to succeed Kamala Harris. But Gov. Gavin Newsom appears to be in no rush to make his choice.

      By Shawn Hubler and

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