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    As votes continued to be counted, Joseph R. Biden Jr. urged calm and patience during remarks in Wilmington, Del., on Thursday.
    CreditErin Schaff/The New York Times

    Biden Pulls Ahead in Key States as Anxious Nation Awaits Winner

    Joe Biden picked up votes in Pennsylvania, Nevada and Georgia and urged patience with the slow-moving vote count. President Trump appeared in the evening to break his silence, lying about “illegal” votes.

    By Jonathan Martin and

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    A #StopTheSteal rally at the state capitol in Harrisburg, Pa. Similar protests have been organized in other cities.
    CreditGabriela Bhaskar for The New York Times

    The Disinformation Is Coming From Inside the White House

    The president and his allies have united right-wing media and internet trolls with false messaging that legitimate vote counting should stop.

    By Matthew RosenbergJim Rutenberg and

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      A coronavirus testing site in Milwaukee on Thursday, the nation’s worst day of the pandemic in terms of new cases.
      CreditTaylor Glascock for The New York Times

      One Day in America: More Than 121,000 Coronavirus Cases

      Thursday brought more coronavirus infections than in any other day of the pandemic. Around the country, the virus left its mark.

      By Julie BosmanAudra D. S. Burch and

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