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    Xi Jinping has declared that China is rising while “the West is declining.” Chinese state media have spread a similar message.
    CreditLi Gang/Xinhua, via Associated Press

    The New New World

    Why China’s Confidence Could Turn Out to Be a Weakness

    State propaganda about China’s rise is stoking extreme nationalism. That could blind China to its problems, and could lead to conflict — perhaps over Taiwan.


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      Before the war, few Ukrainian cultural institutions had prepared for a full-scale invasion. At the Johann Georg Pinsel Museum in Lviv, works by the sculptor are shrouded in simple black tarps.
      CreditEmile Ducke for The New York Times

      Rescuing Art in Ukraine with Foam, Crates and Cries for Help

      Many cultural institutions were not prepared to protect their collections and buildings before the Russian invasion, so ad hoc groups of arts workers and leaders stepped in to fill the breach.



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