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      Three productions this summer of “Richard III” took different approaches to the title role: Colm Feore, left, appeared at the Stratford Festival in Canada; Danai Gurira, center, at Free Shakespeare in the Park in New York; and Arthur Hughes, right, at the Royal Shakespeare Company in Britain.
      CreditFrom left: David Hou; Sara Krulwich/The New York Times; Ellie Kurttz, via Royal Shakespeare Company

      Who Can Play the King? Questions of Representation Fuel Casting Debates.

      Should Shakespeare’s Richard III be reserved for disabled actors? Does the character have to be played by a white man? By a man at all? Three recent productions took different tacks.


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      CreditHenry Nicholls/Reuters

      Paul Krugman

      Who’s Embargoing Whom?

      Russia’s peculiar economic war with the West.



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