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    Taliban stand guard in the neighborhood where a U.S. drone strike killed the Qaeda leader Ayman al-Zawahiri.
    CreditEPA, via Shutterstock

    News Analysis

    For the Taliban, a New Era of Isolation Has Arrived

    The group has promised moderation even while reinstituting its harsh rule of Afghanistan. Now, the revelation that the Taliban were sheltering Al Qaeda’s leader is likely to harden support for sanctions.

    By Christina Goldbaum and

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      CreditLaura Boushnak for The New York Times

      Ukraine Dispatch

      Kyiv Nightlife Comes Back Amid Urge for Contact. ‘This Is the Cure.’

      Frenzied raves. Crowded bars (with free therapy). And of course, cuddle parties. Nightlife is returning to Ukraine’s capital. But revelers still have to reckon with guilty feelings. Plus curfew.

      By Jeffrey Gettleman and


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