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    Rachel Pek, a research assistant, pulling “Smarty,” a device that tracks radiation from the atmosphere and surfaces and wind, during a “Cooling Singapore” survey. The researchers are looking at how heat affects humans in various conditions, collecting data to create more sustainable urban planning.
    CreditGabriela Bhaskar for The New York Times

    How Hot and Humid Singapore Is Trying to Cool Itself Down

    With the help of a mobile cart named “Smarty,” researchers are trying to tackle the challenge of urban heat through a program that the government says could be a model for other countries.


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      Ms. Siragusa doesn’t know what more she can do to protect herself, she said, “besides build a moat with crocodiles.”
      CreditGo Nakamura for The New York Times

      How Streaming Stars Pay the Price of Online Fame

      Stars on Twitch, the video game streaming platform, invite viewers into their homes virtually. What happens when one shows up in person?

      By Kellen Browning and


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