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    Destroyed cars in Irpin, Ukraine, this month. More than four months into the Russian invasion, the war has evolved into a battle of inches with no end in sight.
    CreditMauricio Lima for The New York Times

    news analysis

    Ukraine and the Contest of Global Stamina

    The conflict’s long-run trajectory seems increasingly likely to be shaped by whether the United States and its allies can maintain their military, political and financial commitments to holding off Russia.

     By Peter Baker and

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      CreditFrancesca Jones for The New York Times

      The Robot Guerrilla Campaign to Recreate the Elgin Marbles

      The British Museum has staunchly refused to return the Parthenon Marbles to Greece. A team of archaeologists are working on a technological solution to the dispute.

       By Franz Lidz and

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      CreditNicolas Messyasz/Hans Lucas, via Re​dux

      Guest Essay

      The Postwar Japan That Shinzo Abe Built

      After waging an often lonely fight, Abe died just as the Japanese people were possibly coming to appreciate his vision of a strong state.



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