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    Sanctions could be viewed as punishing the Russian people — a perception that might fuel President Vladimir V. Putin’s narrative that his country is being persecuted by the West.
    CreditMaxim Shipenkov/EPA, via Shutterstock

    U.S. Sanctions Aimed at Russia Could Take a Wide Toll

    The boldest measures that President Biden is threatening to deter an invasion of Ukraine could roil the entire Russian economy — but also those of other nations.

    By Michael Crowley and

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    Taliban fighter Zahed, assigned to guard the Sakhi Shrine, a Shia mosque and shrine, rides in their truck in the Kart-e-Sakhi neighborhood of Kabul, Afghanistan.
    CreditVictor J. Blue for The New York Times

    Afghanistan Dispatch

    On Patrol: 12 Days With a Taliban Police Unit in Kabul

    Tasked with guarding a Shiite shrine, a police unit offers a telling snapshot of the Taliban’s rank-and-file fighters and the challenges Afghanistan’s rulers face in governing a diverse nation.

    By Victor J. BlueThomas Gibbons-Neff and


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