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    Tourists watching the sunset from a vantage point on Lanzarote, one of the Canary Islands. 
    CreditSamuel Aranda for The New York Times

    Undeterred by Omicron, Tourists Seek Sun in a Welcoming Spain

    For decades, Spain has been a prime destination for European snowbirds. Even as the Omicron variant spreads, the country is keeping its doors wide open to visitors.

    By Nicholas Casey and

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      “Everyone buys into the fact that paintings cost nothing to make, but can sell for an infinite amount,” Hirst said.
      CreditKalpesh Lathigra for The New York Times

      Damien Hirst and the Art of the Deal

      He might be Britain’s richest artist, but with each attempt to monetize his talent, Hirst’s originality as a conceptual sculptor becomes an ever more distant memory.


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      CreditTyler Hicks/The New York Times

      Ross Douthat

      How to Retreat From Ukraine

      Searching for a non-disastrous way back from American overreach.



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