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    Collecting a test swab at a railway station in New Delhi on Wednesday. The number of daily infections in the city has increased dramatically.
    CreditAdnan Abidi/Reuters

    India’s Rising Omicron Wave Brings a Grim Sense of Déjà Vu

    Just months after Delta fueled hospital failures and funeral pyres, India’s leaders again offer a mixed message: Their political rallies are packed even as they order curfews and work closures.

    By Mujib Mashal and

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      Doris Lee with “Portrait of Judy Marcus,” July 6, 1954. The portrait was one of many female artists and writers that Lee painted.
      CreditRoy Stevens; Doris Lee Papers, Archives of Women Artists, National Museum of Women in the Arts, Betty Boyd Dettre Library and Research Center

      Doris Lee, Unjustly Forgotten, Gets a Belated but Full Blown Tribute

      Shining a spotlight on a painter and illustrator at the nexus of folk art and Modernism. She appeared everywhere, from W.P.A. murals to Life magazine. Then she disappeared.


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      Jimmy Carter in 1976.
      CreditLeni Sinclair /Getty Images

      Guest Essay

      Jimmy Carter: I Fear for Our Democracy

      Even established democracies can fall to military juntas and despots. We can’t let that happen here.



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