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    Migrants waiting to be allocated emergency accommodation by a nonprofit organization in Paris in April.
    CreditAndrea Mantovani for The New York Times

    Migration Talking Points Surge in France, but Not Migration

    With a presidential election looming, French presidential hopefuls are hardening their positions against immigration even as other countries compete for migrant workers.


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      Helen Pashgian at SITE Santa Fe with spheres made variously of resin, epoxy and acrylic, in her exhibition “Presences,” a celebration of her contributions to the Light and Space movement and her innovations in industrial plastics. Pashgian creates sculpture and immersive installations that explore perception and light in material form.
      CreditAngelo Silvio Vasta for The New York Times

      The Confounding Lightness of Helen Pashgian

      Long underrecognized for her innovations, a trailblazer of the Light and Space Movement is suddenly juggling three tribute shows to her six-decade career.



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