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    Perilous, Roadless Jungle Becomes a Path of Desperate Hope

    The recent surge at the Mexican border is likely to grow as more migrants, mostly Haitian, risk everything negotiating the notorious Darién Gap on their way to the United States.

    By Julie TurkewitzNatalie KitroeffSofía Villamil and

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      “Unfortunately, some of us are not very wise. We know what we ought to do, when we should retire, go and hide out somewhere, live a life of ease,” Wole Soyinka said. “But we don’t take our own advice, do we?”
      CreditYagazie Emezi for The New York Times

      Wole Soyinka Is Not Going Anywhere

      The Nobel laureate, whose new novel, “Chronicles From the Land of the Happiest People on Earth,” is his first in nearly 50 years, refuses to back down when he senses that his homeland’s freedom is under threat.



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