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     In Los Angeles County, Calif., where cases have soared past levels seen this summer, restaurants can no longer offer indoor or outdoor dining starting Wednesday evening.
    CreditBryan Denton for The New York Times

    Virus Surge, Once in the Nation’s Middle, Gains Steam All Around

    With cases and deaths rising fast, scientists say they worry about the virus’s course in the United States as Thanksgiving celebrations and cold weather arrive.

    By Manny FernandezCampbell RobertsonMitch Smith and

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      The comedian Steve Martin, left, and the illustrator Harry Bliss in Manhattan last month. As collaborators, they have something of an odd-couple dynamic.
      CreditCaroline Tompkins for The New York Times

      They Are Also 2 Wild and Crazy Guys

      Steve Martin wanted to make cartoons, but he can only draw stick figures. He teamed up with the illustrator Harry Bliss, and the result is their new book, “A Wealth of Pigeons.”



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