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    Election posters in Güiria, where Mr. Bislick was killed.

    They Championed Venezuela’s Revolution. They Are Now Its Latest Victims.

    In an effort to complete his consolidation of power, Nicolás Maduro is cracking down on the leftist activists who once supported him, but have begun to speak up against his administration’s corruption and cronyism.

    By Isayen HerreraAnatoly KurmanaevTibisay RomeroSheyla Urdaneta and

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      The past eight months, Mr. Simpson has borrowed money to cover the payroll of a bare-bones staff, even after government checks and rent subsidies were collected.
      CreditKiana Hayeri for The New York Times

      The Saturday Profile

      From ‘Street Kid’ in India to Top Toronto Chef

      After a rugged childhood, Sash Simpson realized his dream last year when he opened a high-end restaurant. Within months, the pandemic struck.



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