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    The Binnopharm pharmaceutical factory near Moscow. It is one of the manufacturers selected to produce a coronavirus vaccine.
    CreditYuri Kochetkov/EPA, via Shutterstock

    White house memo

    Trump v. Putin: A Vaccine Manhood Contest

    As President Vladimir V. Putin of Russia declared on Tuesday that his nation had approved the world’s first coronavirus vaccine without extensive clinical trials, public health experts worried that President Trump would feel the need to compete.


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    Mara at the Buenos Aires zoo. Her enclosure was built in 1904 to resemble a Hindu temple of elephants in Mumbai.

    How to Move Your Elephant During a Pandemic

    After decades in captivity and a 1,700-mile road trip from Argentina into Brazil, an Asian elephant named Mara finally gained a chance to roam.

    By Sofía López Mañán and


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