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    At the Christalain nursing home in Brussels, at least 14 residents died from the coronavirus.

    Behind the Curve

    When Covid-19 Hit, Many Elderly Were Left to Die

    Warnings had piled up for years that nursing homes were vulnerable. The pandemic sent them to the back of the line for equipment and care.

    By Matina Stevis-GridneffMatt ApuzzoMonika Pronczuk and

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      CreditHilary Swift for The New York Times

      In a Wistful Age, Farmers Find a New Angle: Chore TV

      It’s hard for small farmers to earn a living selling their products. Enter the “farmer-influencer,” who can earn more by streaming farm life, in all its comforting monotony, to a growing online audience.


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      CreditJakub Porzycki/NurPhoto, via Getty Images

      Josephine Wolff

      So What Does Trump Have Against TikTok?

      His foolish and dangerous edicts suggest that the United States, like China, no longer believes in a global internet.



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