T's Aug. 21 Women's Fashion Issue


  1. Photo
    Loewe dress, showpiece only, loewe.com for more information; and Balenciaga shoes, $1,490, balenciaga.com.
    CreditDirected and created by Erwin Wurm. Styled by Imruh Asha

    Fashion Suited for Surreal Times

    Strange proportions, odd materials and clothing shaped like a car — this season, nothing is as it seems.

  2. Photo
    One collector, who wishes to remain anonymous, keeps some of his more explicit art in the bathroom of his Connecticut home, including (middle, from top) McDermott & McGough’s “The Spirit of the Hustler” (2003) and “Unity Repeated” (1993). Between them in the mirror’s reflection is Peter Hujar’s “David Wojnarowicz’s Hands With Snake” (1981).
    CreditPhotograph by Blaine Davis. Hujar: © 2022 The Peter Hujar Archive, LLC/Artists Rights Society (ARS), New York

    Resurrecting the Forgotten Art of the AIDS Era

    In amassing work made by the mostly overlooked gay artists who lived and died during the crisis, a global group of collectors is redefining what the Western canon looks like.

    By Nick Haramis and

  3. Photo
    In the fashion executives Carlo Alberto Beretta and Jacopo Venturini’s Milan apartment, an oak leaf toleware chandelier hangs above a dining room table laid with a Portuguese ceramic cauliflower and silver Buccellati candlesticks. The wall hangings are pages from an antique pharmacy herbarium, and a set of 1920s rattan-and-mohair-velvet furniture from a hotel in Palermo provides extra seating.
    CreditAnthony Cotsifas

    A Milanese Apartment Is Restored, Then Renewed

    By stripping the space to its bones and filling it with antiques and heirlooms, a couple create a home that speaks to their past as well as their future.

    By Nancy Hass and

  4. Photo
    Alex Katz, photographed in his New York City studio on June 16, 2022. The artist, who has been painting for almost eight decades, is the subject of a Guggenheim retrospective this fall.
    CreditPhotograph by Alec Soth. Alex Katz paintings © 2022 Alex Katz/Licensed by VAGA at Artists Rights Society (ARS), New York

    Alex Katz Is Still Perfecting His Craft

    The artist has had an astonishingly long career. Now 95, he is preparing for another major retrospective.

    By Amanda Fortini and

  1. Food Matters

    A Thai chile pepper, white onion and Atlantic salmon steak stacked on top of each other.
    CreditPhotograph by Patricia Heal. Prop styling by Leilin Lopez-Toledo

    How the Chile Became Hot

    Why did the consumption of hot peppers — after centuries of cultivation and global migration — come to confer status and sophistication?

    By Ligaya MishanPatricia Heal and

  2. traditions

    To accompany this article, the Parisian chef Zélikha Dinga created a stairlike centerpiece whose contents can be eaten. Decorated on one side with a Roman-inspired mosaic of crackers, the mirrored steps are heaped with snacks: cherries, heirloom tomatoes and an assortment of carrots and radishes.
    CreditPhotograph by Charly Gosp. Set design by Marine Armandin

    And for Our Next Course … the Centerpiece

    Chefs, artists and other creatives are making edible spectacles a meal’s main event.

    By Alice Cavanagh and

  3. Photo
    Saint Laurent by Anthony Vaccarello dress, $3,990, and bracelets, $2,190 to $2,490, ysl.com; Melitta Baumeister top (with attached gloves), $480, Dover Street Market New York, (646) 837-7750; Lisa Eisner earrings, $1,250, lisaeisnerjewelry.com; Xuly Bet hood, about $115, xulybet.com; Millennials in Motion tights, $15, millennialshops.com; Balenciaga boots, $2,490, balenciaga.com; and stylist’s own bra.
    CreditPhotograph by Nana Yaw Oduro. Styled by Jay Massacret

    This Fall’s Fashion Is a Study in Contrasts

    At once playful and serious, colorful and severe, clingy and boxy — this season, divergent styles come together.

    By Nana Yaw Oduro and

  1. In Fashion

    Alexander McQueen dress, $5,290, alexandermcqueen.com.
    CreditPhotograph by Thurstan Redding. Styled by Delphine Danhier

    This Season, Pair Red With Red

    The color of the moment isn’t for the timid.

    By Thurstan Redding and

  2. by design

    The redwood facade of the house, with “Sacred Heart” (1957), a hand-painted ceramic tile mural.
    CreditMariko Reed

    A Painter’s Home That Celebrates Hawaii

    The Honolulu home of Jean Charlot, a French expatriate artist, embodies his appreciation for the surrounding landscape.

    By Matthew Dekneef and

  3. Making It

    Propped between hand-painted tiles by the Dorset, England-based ceramist Aviva Halter, whose animals and flowers evoke traditional Dutch iconography, is one by the British artist Paul Bommer featuring a farmhand admiring what appear to be stalks of asparagus — but are actually penises.
    CreditPhotographs by David Chow. Styled by Victoria Petro-Conroy

    Delft Tiles Get a Playful, and Sometimes Raunchy, Update

    A new generation of artisans are paying homage to the centuries-old craft even as they subvert it.

    By Max NormanDavid Chow and

  4. Letter from the Editor

    Posters from Dread Scott’s “Wanted” (2014), a community-based art project that addressed the criminalization of Black and Latino youth.
    CreditCourtesy of Dread Scott

    What Should We Expect of Art?

    Creative works have long existed under the assumption that they serve a greater purpose. Is it warranted to place that burden on artists?