T’s 2022 Art Issue


  1. Photo
    Jackson (kneeling), circa 2005, at the Universität der Künste Berlin, where she was a guest student.
    Credit© Katharina Sieverding, courtesy of Ayana V. Jackson and Mariane Ibrahim Gallery

    Art School Confidential

    David Salle, Miranda July, Mariko Mori and others talk about their experiences attending (or leaving or forgoing) the academy.


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    An image by Josef Albers of John R. P. French Jr.’s psychology class on the deck of Black Mountain College’s Studies Building, circa 1941-42.
    Credit© 2022 The Josef and Anni Albers Foundation/Artists Rights Society (ARS), New York

    T’s Art Issue

    Why Are We Still Talking About Black Mountain College?

    In 1933, a handful of renegade teachers opened a school in rural North Carolina that would go on to shape American art and art education for decades to come.


  1. T’s Art Issue

    Jason Price (left) and Titus Kaphar in front of a former ice cream factory that is now part of NXTHVN in New Haven, Conn. The architect Deborah Berke expanded two existing buildings into a state-of-the-art arts center that includes studios, event spaces and a gallery.
    CreditArielle Gray

    The New New Haven

    Unexpectedly, the Connecticut city has emerged, both because of and despite its association with Yale, as an affordable and dynamic home for artists of all kinds.


  2. T’s Art Issue

    The performance artist Marina Abramović in the library of her expansive archive in upstate New York, which houses sculptural works, exhibition posters, press clippings and other ephemera from her storied career.
    CreditPortrait by Emiliano Granado. Hair and makeup by Nana Hiramatsu using MAC Cosmetics.

    Being Marina Abramović, Even When No One’s Looking

    Despite her success, the performance artist has chosen a monastic life in upstate New York, where she falls asleep to Canadian television and eats baby food.


  3. T’s Art Issue

    Tamo Jugeli in her Tbilisi, Georgia, studio.
    CreditCourtesy of the artist and Polina Berlin Gallery

    The Enduring Appeal of the Self-Taught Artist

    For centuries, those who eschewed formal training have been either marginalized or obsessed over. Why are we so enthralled by people who create on their own terms?