T’s Sept. 8 Men’s Fashion Issue


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    Left: <strong>The Row</strong> T-shirt, $250, (212) 755-2017. <strong>A.P.C.</strong> jeans, $220, <a href="https://www.apc-us.com/">apc-us.com</a>. Right: <strong>Hermès</strong> shirt, $960, <a href="https://www.hermes.com/us/en/">hermes.com</a>. <strong>Dior Men</strong> pants, price on request, (800) 929-3467.
    CreditPhoto by John Edmonds. Styled by Carlos Nazario

    ‘Giovanni’s Room’ Revisited

    James Baldwin’s 1956 novel is a layered exploration of queer desire — and of the writer’s own sense of self.

    By Hilton AlsJohn Edmonds and

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    Clockwise from top left model: <strong>Erdem</strong> hat and coat, price on request, <a href="https://erdem.com/">erdem.com</a>. <strong>Boris Huang</strong> cape, $24,000, <a href="https://martinandmacarthur.com/">martinandmacarthur.com</a>, and <strong>Roger Vivier</strong> shoes, $1,795, <a href="https://www.rogervivier.com/us-en/home/">rogervivier.com</a>. <strong>Marc Jacobs</strong> coat, $25,000, and dress, $2,200, (212) 832-3905, and <strong>Versace</strong> shoes, $1,250, <a href="https://www.versace.com/">versace.com</a>. <strong>Michael Kors Collection</strong> boa, $690, <a href="https://www.michaelkors.com/">michaelkors.com</a>, and <strong>Christian Louboutin</strong> shoes, $2,895, <a href="http://us.christianlouboutin.com/us_en/">christianlouboutin.com</a>. <strong>Marc Jacobs</strong> dress, $20,000, <strong>Gigi Burris Millinery</strong> headband, $350, <a href="https://www.net-a-porter.com/us/en/">net-a-porter.com</a>, and <strong>Christian Louboutin</strong> shoes, $795.
    CreditPhoto by Laurence Ellis. Styled by Haidee Findlay-Levin

    The Transformative, Talismanic Power of Feathers

    A symbol of both flight and fancy, plumes have been the object of obsession — and adornment — for centuries.


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    From left: <strong>Givenchy</strong> coat, $3,470, (212) 650-0180. Vintage mask. Stylist’s own belt. <strong>Givenchy</strong> coat, $4,990. <strong>Noir Kei Ninomiya</strong> shirt, $475, and harness, $675, (212) 604-9200.<strong> Celine by Hedi Slimane</strong> necktie, $790, (212) 226-8001.
    CreditPhotograph by Paolo Roversi. Styled by Jacob K

    Classic Fall Fashion Gets an Edge

    Punk rock signatures — spikes, leather, Teddy boy touches — are remade with flashes of fur and lacquer red.

    By Paolo Roversi and

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    The La Serra Complex in Ivrea, Italy, designed by Iginio Cappai and Pietro Mainardis, opened in 1976; it was a social gathering space for Olivetti employees that included a hotel and movie theater.
    CreditNick Ballón

    Utopia, Abandoned

    The Italian town Ivrea was once a model for workers’ rights and progressive design. Now, it’s both a cautionary tale and evidence of a grand experiment in making labor humane.


  3. Notes on the Culture

    Models walking the fall 2019 runways for Berluti (second from left and far right) and Junya Watanabe.
    CreditFrom left: Victor Virgile/Gamma-Rapho/Getty Images; Estrop/Getty Images; Alessandro Viero/Gorunway (2); Victor Virgile/Gamma-Rapho/Getty Images

    The Unstoppable Rise of the Zaddy

    Youth will always have a place in fashion, but lately, men of a certain age rule the runway.


  4. Letter from the Editor

    Photo booth outtakes from John Edmonds’s shoot in Paris with the actor James Cusati-Moyer (left) and the model-dancer Temi Bolorunduro (right). Both are featured in a reimagining of “Giovanni’s Room,” in T’s Sept. 8 Men’s Fashion issue.
    CreditCourtesy of John Edmonds

    T’s Fall Men’s Fashion Issue: Becoming a Man

    The definitions of maleness are slowly, creakingly, expanding: or, for the braver among us, being discarded altogether.