Tennessee Amendment 1 Election Results: Right-to-Work

Latest results from Dec. 13
Vote totals certified

Amendment race called.

Answer Votes Percent
1,141,941 69.8%
494,239 30.2
Total reported

Results by county

Results by county
County Yes No Total votes Percent of votes in
Shelby 64% 36% 181,253 100%
Davidson 59 41 165,966 100%
Knox 66 34 126,068 100%
Hamilton 70 30 96,448 100%
Williamson 74 26 78,312 100%
Rutherford 74 26 73,279 100%
Sumner 75 25 50,411 100%
Wilson 75 25 43,473 100%
Sullivan 73 27 40,750 100%
Montgomery 76 24 40,060 100%
Blount 72 28 38,228 100%
Washington 69 31 33,702 100%
Maury 74 26 28,780 100%
Bradley 78 22 24,223 100%
Sevier 72 28 22,367 100%
Madison 69 31 21,648 100%
Cumberland 77 23 20,614 100%
Anderson 65 35 20,512 100%
Loudon 71 29 19,162 100%
Putnam 71 29 18,773 100%
Robertson 75 25 17,778 100%
Greene 74 26 16,615 100%
Roane 67 33 15,374 100%
Tipton 77 23 14,452 100%
Fayette 73 27 13,731 100%
Carter 71 29 13,558 100%
Hawkins 75 25 13,377 100%
Jefferson 70 30 12,682 100%
Coffee 74 26 12,578 100%
Hamblen 72 28 12,500 100%
Dickson 74 26 12,243 100%
McMinn 75 25 12,115 100%
Gibson 74 26 11,710 100%
Cheatham 71 29 11,184 100%
Monroe 75 25 11,166 100%
Franklin 70 30 10,961 100%
Bedford 75 25 10,128 100%
Lawrence 76 24 9,210 100%
Marshall 71 29 8,390 100%
Warren 71 29 8,197 100%
Henry 75 25 8,116 100%
Dyer 74 26 7,788 100%
Lincoln 76 24 7,743 100%
Cocke 74 26 7,585 100%
Marion 72 28 7,189 100%
Giles 76 24 7,124 100%
Obion 75 25 7,123 100%
Rhea 72 28 7,062 100%
Weakley 77 23 6,927 100%
Campbell 71 29 6,704 100%
Carroll 72 28 6,669 100%
White 72 28 6,508 100%
Claiborne 75 25 6,179 100%
Henderson 75 25 5,845 100%
McNairy 75 25 5,552 100%
Hickman 72 28 5,492 100%
Overton 73 27 5,451 100%
Hardin 79 21 5,367 100%
Hardeman 58 42 5,157 100%
Grainger 69 31 4,950 100%
Smith 72 28 4,927 100%
Unicoi 75 25 4,796 100%
Fentress 71 29 4,782 100%
Johnson 75 25 4,722 100%
DeKalb 71 29 4,588 100%
Polk 74 26 4,426 100%
Macon 74 26 4,396 100%
Lauderdale 70 30 4,385 100%
Morgan 63 37 4,290 100%
Humphreys 70 30 4,224 100%
Sequatchie 75 25 3,993 100%
Chester 80 20 3,894 100%
Union 63 37 3,867 100%
Benton 69 31 3,765 100%
Haywood 52 48 3,709 100%
Stewart 75 25 3,665 100%
Cannon 71 29 3,584 100%
Scott 73 27 3,450 100%
Lewis 73 27 3,174 100%
Bledsoe 70 30 3,155 100%
Grundy 69 31 3,100 100%
Wayne 76 24 2,991 100%
Meigs 70 30 2,968 100%
Jackson 72 28 2,910 100%
Decatur 68 32 2,899 100%
Crockett 77 23 2,476 100%
Houston 68 32 2,069 100%
Trousdale 78 22 2,012 100%
Moore 74 26 1,793 100%
Perry 74 26 1,747 100%
Van Buren 73 27 1,722 100%
Clay 73 27 1,610 100%
Pickett 76 24 1,579 100%
Hancock 68 32 1,164 100%
Lake 77 23 839 100%

Analyzing the vote

Your guide to the midterm results, from Times reporters

  • Key races ›

    Democrats secure “trifectas” in many competitive states

    Democrats held onto or gained “trifectas” in a number of states and fended off Republican supermajorities in others. Taking control of the governorship and both legislative chambers in these states could ease Democrats’ ability to pass legislation on an array of issues. Read more › — Andrew Fischer Nov. 17, 2022

    election results graphic
  • Arizona Governor ›

    In Arizona governor’s race, post-election ballot tallies narrow the margin

    The gap between the candidates for Arizona governor narrowed considerably after Nov. 8 as late absentee ballots were tallied, including ones dropped off on Election Day. These ballots, which in 2020 favored Trump, were not enough to tilt the election in favor of the Republican candidate Kari Lake. — Christine Zhang Nov. 14, 2022

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  • Senate analysis ›

    Where Senate Candidates Outperformed Biden and Trump

    With Senator Cortez Masto’s victory in Nevada, Democrats will retain Senate control, even if Republicans win a run-off election in Georgia. While Tuesday’s election represented a strong performance by a first-term president’s party, the individual showings of Senate candidates varied widely. Read more › — Lazaro Gamio Nov. 14, 2022

    election results graphic
  • U.S. House ›

    Candidates with ties to QAnon conspiracy theory lose ground

    Three Republican House candidates who have supported QAnon underperformed compared with Trump, despite most House Republicans outperforming the former president. Lauren Boebert, incumbent in Colorado’s 3rd district, is in an unexpectedly close race in what was considered a safe Republican district. — Albert Sun Nov. 10, 2022

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  • Georgia Senate ›

    Where Walker received less of the vote than Kemp

    More than 200,000 Georgia voters cast ballots for Brian Kemp, Republican candidate for governor, but did not vote for Herschel Walker in the Senate race. Compared to Kemp’s reported votes, Walker’s fell short in every county, but especially in the Atlanta area and its suburbs. — Jason Kao Nov. 10, 2022

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  • Mich. Proposal 3 ›

    Where Michiganders supported abortion rights and a Republican for governor

    Support for the abortion proposal was stronger than support for reelected Governor Gretchen Whitmer, a Democrat, in 76 of the state’s 83 counties. Eight counties that voted Yes on the proposal also voted for the Republican candidate for governor, Tudor Dixon. — Alicia Parlapiano Nov. 10, 2022

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  • Path to 218 ›

    Tracking the remaining House races

    As of noon Eastern time, Democrats have won 190 House seats, Republicans have won 208, and 37 are still undecided. If Republicans win all of the races where they are currently leading by two points or more, they’ll take control of the House. Follow along here › — Alicia Parlapiano Nov. 10, 2022

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  • Texas Governor ›

    Greg Abbott wins in Texas, but still lagged in Hispanic counties

    In Texas, majority-Hispanic counties also swung to the right, but to a much lesser degree than in Florida. Voters in these counties overall continued to support the Democratic candidate for governor, Beto O’Rourke. — Albert Sun Nov. 9, 2022

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  • Florida Governor ›

    DeSantis made large gains in Hispanic counties

    Majority-Hispanic counties in Florida voted to reelect Gov. Ron DeSantis over Democratic opponent Charlie Crist by a margin of 11 percentage points. These same counties favored Biden over Trump in 2020 by a margin of 8 percentage points — a whopping 19-point swing. — Albert Sun Nov. 9, 2022

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  • Drug policy ›

    Mixed success for marijuana ballot measures

    Maryland and Missouri voted to legalize recreational marijuana for people 21 and older, while voters in Arkansas, North Dakota and South Dakota rejected similar measures. In Colorado, a measure to decriminalize certain psychedelics is close but yet to be decided. — Alicia Parlapiano Nov. 9, 2022

    election results graphic
  • Abortion access ›

    Where the midterms mattered most for abortion access

    Voters in three states enshrined lasting protections for abortion rights in their state Constitutions. In two states, shifts in state power could lead to new restrictions. In Ariz., Mont., Neb. and Pa., competitive state races with consequences for abortion remain too close to call. Read more › — NYT Graphics Nov. 9, 2022

    election results graphic
  • Pennsylvania elections ›

    Four Pennsylvania counties split their tickets

    John Fetterman, the Democratic candidate for Senate, won by a smaller margin than Josh Shapiro, the Democratic candidate for governor. Four counties — all of which supported Trump in 2020 — voted for Shapiro but chose Dr. Oz, the Republican, for the Senate. — Ruth Igielnik Nov. 9, 2022

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  • Michigan elections ›

    In Michigan’s national and state-level races, Democrats triumph

    Democratic House candidates outperformed Biden in several Michigan districts, bucking a rightward trend and maintaining seven of their seats. Democrats also won the Governor’s office, State Senate, and appear poised to take the State Assembly, and voters affirmed abortion rights in the state. — Albert Sun Nov. 9, 2022

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  • U.S. House ›

    New York could be an important key in pathway to Republican control of House

    House districts rated as tossups have been called mostly in favor of Democrats so far, with one state as a glaring exception: New York. Republicans have won in four of five New York tossup seats, and the Republican candidate is ahead in the fifth. — Lauren Leatherby Nov. 9, 2022

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  • Election deniers ›

    Which 2020 election deniers and skeptics won

    More than 210 Republicans who questioned the 2020 election have won seats in the U.S. House and Senate and in state races for governor, secretary of state and attorney general, according to results as of 12 p.m. Eastern on Wednesday. Here’s who won › — NYT Graphics Nov. 9, 2022

    election results graphic
  • Georgia Governor ›

    In Georgia, a tale of two races

    While the race for Georgia’s senate seat remains extremely tight, the Governor’s race was decided last night. Brian Kemp gained more votes compared to Trump in 2020 all across Georgia, beating Stacey Abrams by a more than seven-point margin. — Lazaro Gamio Nov. 9, 2022

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  • Ohio Senate ›

    Vance carries Ohio Senate amidst statewide left swing

    J.D. Vance won Ohio handily even as almost every part of the state voted more for Democrats than they did in 2020. — Lazaro Gamio Nov. 9, 2022

    election results graphic
  • Nevada Senate ›

    Nevada’s urban counties could tighten race

    Cortez Masto is behind in Nevada at the moment, but there are a lot of votes left in Clark and Washoe, counties home to the state's largest cities. The remaining vote there could tighten the race as it is counted. — Lazaro Gamio Nov. 9, 2022

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  • U.S. Senate ›

    Three key Senate races to watch

    The Senate races in Georgia, Nevada and Arizona are very tight, and vote counting is expected to drag into the week. The outcomes of the races in these three states will decide the balance of power in the Senate. — Lazaro Gamio Nov. 9, 2022

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  • Texas Governor ›

    Despite defeat, O’Rourke maintained support along the border

    The feared Democratic collapse along the Rio Grande didn’t materialize. Beto O’Rourke performed better than expected in these majority-Hispanic counties. — Nate Cohn Nov. 9, 2022

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  • U.S. Senate ›

    What each party needs to win control of the Senate

    Democrats and Republicans each need to win three more competitive Senate seats to win control of the chamber (in addition to the races they are expected to win most easily). Here’s the state of the closest races: — Lazaro Gamio Nov. 9, 2022

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  • Pennsylvania Senate ›

    Fetterman ahead in counties finished counting

    With more counties nearly finished counting, things keep looking better for Lt. Gov. John Fetterman. He’s outperforming Biden across the state and is currently up 8 points in counties that were the closest in 2020. — Alicia Parlapiano Nov. 9, 2022

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  • When polls close ›

    Polls close at midnight Eastern in two states

    Alaska has competitive races for both the Senate and the House, neither of which is a straightforward Democrat-versus-Republican affair. Don’t expect quick results in either race; officials in Alaska won’t finish counting absentee ballots for about two weeks. — Maggie Astor Nov. 8, 2022

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  • Florida Governor ›

    How Majority-Hispanic counties voted in Florida

    Gov. DeSantis outperformed Trump in Florida in every county that has nearly finished counting votes. While the three majority-Hispanic counties — Hendry, Miami-Dade and Osceola — shifted the most, Latino turnout tends to drop more in the midterms compared with other groups. — Alicia Parlapiano Nov. 8, 2022

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  • Arizona Senate ›

    Arizona’s Senate race looks like a tossup

    The early vote in Arizona has been strong for Democrat Mark Kelly, but we expect a good portion of the in-person and late-counted mail vote to favor Blake Masters. It could be awhile before all votes are counted. — Alicia Parlapiano Nov. 8, 2022

    election results graphic
  • When polls close ›

    Polls close at 11 p.m. Eastern in two states

    In Washington State, Senator Patty Murray is facing a strong Republican challenge, though she remains favored to win. Aside from that, the main action at this hour will be in the House, with a close race in Washington’s 8th District and at least half a dozen in California. — Maggie Astor Nov. 8, 2022

    poster for video
  • Wisconsin Senate ›

    Wisconsin is leaning toward Johnson

    It’s still early in Wisconsin, but it looks close. In the counties where most of the vote is in, Senator Ron Johnson is running ahead of Trump. — Nate Cohn Nov. 8, 2022

    election results graphic
  • Kentucky Amendment 2 ›

    Kentuckians appear to rebuke restrictive abortion amendment

    Kentucky, a solidly red state, reelected Rand Paul to the Senate. But so far, voters are rejecting an effort to deny abortion rights. However the state already bans abortions, and that is unlikely to change. — Lazaro Gamio Nov. 8, 2022

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  • Pennsylvania Senate ›

    Early returns favor Fetterman

    It’s still early, but Fetterman is running ahead of Biden in five Pennsylvania counties that have reported nearly all of their votes. — Nate Cohn Nov. 8, 2022

    election results graphic
  • The Needle ›

    How to read The Needle charts

    These charts show how the reported vote margin (the dashed line) compares with our estimated final margin (the solid line, surrounded by bands of uncertainty) over time. When reported data comes in that is not what we expected, our model will update and incorporate this new data. — Lazaro Gamio Nov. 8, 2022

    election results graphic
  • Virginia 7th District ›

    Fast counting in rural Virginia counties boosts Republican candidate

    Rural counties in Virginia’s 7th district are counting votes more quickly than its most populous and left-leaning county, Prince William. It’s giving Yesli Vega, the Republican candidate, an edge over incumbent Abigail Spanberger, though this could be temporary. Here’s where we think votes remain. — Kennedy Elliott Nov. 8, 2022

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  • When polls close ›

    Polls close at 10 p.m. Eastern in five states

    Nevada is the last big swing state of the day, and virtually everything is up for grabs: The races for Senate, three House seats, governor and secretary of state. There is also an unexpectedly competitive Senate race in Utah between Senator Mike Lee, a Republican, and Evan McMullin, an independent. — Maggie Astor Nov. 8, 2022

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  • Florida Governor ›

    Shift to the right in Florida

    The shift to the right has been dramatic among counties in Florida reporting nearly all their votes. Eight of those counties that voted for Biden in 2020 shifted 16 points to the right in the race for governor, and 12 points in the Senate race. — Lazaro Gamio Nov. 8, 2022

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  • When polls close ›

    Polls close at 9 p.m. Eastern in 10 states

    Arizona has multiple races featuring Republicans who have questioned the legitimacy of the 2020 election. In Wisconsin, Senator Ron Johnson, a Republican, is up for re-election against Lt. Gov. Mandela Barnes, and there is a close contest for governor. — Maggie Astor Nov. 8, 2022

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  • Ohio Senate ›

    Another state with misleading early returns: Ohio

    Democrat Tim Ryan leads Republican J.D. Vance in the returns, but almost all of the results are early votes, which we expect to disproportionately favor Democrats. Here’s where we think votes remain. — Alicia Parlapiano Nov. 8, 2022

    election results graphic
  • Georgia Senate ›

    Why early results may be misleading in Georgia

    Senator Raphael Warnock is out with an early lead in Georgia, but it could all be just a mirage. Most of the vote reporting so far is early, and Democrats are expected to win those votes by a large margin. — Nate Cohn Nov. 8, 2022

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  • The Needle ›

    The NYT Needle is live

    The Times’s election forecast is now running. We use early returns and polling data to estimate in real time the outcome of the elections for Senate and House control. Here’s how it works › — Nate Cohn Nov. 8, 2022

    election results graphic
  • When polls close ›

    Polls close at 8 p.m. Eastern in 19 states and D.C.

    Pennsylvania is home to a close Senate race between Lt. Gov. John Fetterman, a Democrat, and Dr. Mehmet Oz, a Republican. Michiganders are voting on abortion rights. And Kansas’ Democratic governor, Laura Kelly, is in a tight re-election race, as is Gov. Janet Mills of Maine. — Maggie Astor Nov. 8, 2022

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  • When polls close ›

    Polls close at 7:30 p.m. Eastern in three states

    Republicans are favored to win the open Senate races in North Carolina and Ohio, but if Democrats have a better-than-expected day, these are two places we might see evidence of it. We’ll also be watching competitive House races in N.C.-13 and Ohio-9. — Maggie Astor Nov. 8, 2022

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  • Florida Governor ›

    Early vote in Miami shows Republican strength

    Gov. Ron DeSantis winning the early vote in Miami-Dade County — which voted for Hillary Clinton by +29 points just six years ago — is yet another sign of growing Republican strength among Hispanic voters. — Nate Cohn Nov. 8, 2022

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  • When polls close ›

    Polls close at 7 p.m. Eastern in six states

    The Georgia Senate race, which could go to a Dec. 6 runoff, could determine which party controls the chamber. In Virginia, the performances of Democratic incumbents in the 2nd and 7th districts may offer early indications of how the party will fare in House races overall. — Maggie Astor Nov. 8, 2022

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  • U.S. House ›

    What’s at stake in the House

    Republicans must win just 19 competitive seats to retake majority control from the Democrats. To retain control of the House, Democrats must win 46 of these seats (after accounting for the races the parties are expected to win most easily). — Alicia Parlapiano Nov. 8, 2022

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  • When polls close ›

    First polls close at 6 p.m. Eastern in Kentucky and Indiana

    In Kentucky, voters will decide whether to approve a constitutional amendment that would effectively ensure the implementation of a near-total abortion ban. In Indiana, a House race in the 1st district leans Democratic, but, if the seat were to flip, it could be an early sign of a red wave. — Maggie Astor Nov. 8, 2022

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  • U.S. Senate ›

    What’s at stake in the Senate

    If Democrats hold onto two seats leaning their way, they will need to win three additional tossup seats to maintain control of the Senate. Republicans would need just two tossup seats beyond what they are favored to win. — Lazaro Gamio Nov. 8, 2022

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  • Results timing ›

    Results in key Senate races could take awhile

    Six of the eight most competitive Senate races are in states that did not call a winner in the presidential race until after election night: Arizona, Georgia, North Carolina, Nevada, Pennsylvania and Wisconsin. What we expect this year › — Alicia Parlapiano Nov. 8, 2022

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  • Early returns

    Be wary of ‘mirages’ on election night

    Because of the order in which different types of ballots are counted, early returns can be misleading. In 2020, Virginia’s early vote for president favored Republicans, while Pennsylvania’s skewed toward Democrats. These “mirages” show that vote margins early in the night can change significantly. — Lazaro Gamio Nov. 8, 2022

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  • When polls close ›

    Polls in most states will close by 9 p.m. Eastern

    Results will begin coming in at 6 p.m. Eastern as the first polls close in Indiana and Kentucky, but the pace will really pick up with a slew of closings at 7 and 8. By 9 p.m., the polls will have closed in a majority of states. — Maggie Astor Nov. 8, 2022

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About this data Demographic data are based on the U.S. Census Bureau 2016–2020 American Community Survey five-year estimates and provided by SocialExplorer.com. The National Center for Health Statistics (NCHS) Urban-Rural Classification Scheme for Counties was used to group counties by size. Historical election results are from The Associated Press and from the Voting and Election Science Team, which analyzed precinct results to determine the 2020 presidential vote for 2022 House districts. “Most competitive” counties represent those in which Trump or Biden won by 5 points or less in 2020.