Missouri Second Congressional District Primary Election Results

Democratic Primary


Trish Gunby wins the Democratic primary.

Race called by The Associated Press.

Updated 3:51 PM ET
>95% reported
Candidate Votes Pct.
Trish Gunby
50,420 85.2%
Ray Reed
8,733 14.8
Total reported

Results by county

County Gunby Reed Total votes Est. rpt.
St. Louis County 86% 14% 49,601 >95%
St. Charles 81 19 5,165 >95%
Franklin 80 20 3,597 >95%
Warren 82 18 790 >95%

Analysis From Our Reporters

  • Jennifer Medina
    Jennifer Medina, reporting from Arizona Aug. 3, 2022

    Rusty Bowers, the Republican speaker of the Arizona House who offered emotional congressional testimony about the pressure he faced in the weeks after the 2020 election, appears to be headed for defeat in his State Senate primary.

  • Jazmine Ulloa
    Jazmine Ulloa, reporting from Michigan Aug. 3, 2022

    Representative Peter Meijer has conceded the election to his Trump-backed challenger, John Gibbs, in Michigan’s Third Congressional District. “This was a hard-fought primary campaign, and I want to thank everyone in West Michigan for their support.”

  • Mike Baker
    Mike Baker Aug. 3, 2022

    Senator Patty Murray, a Democrat from Washington State, is set to face Tiffany Smiley, a Republican, in November. Murray held 54 percent of the primary vote in early returns Tuesday night. Smiley emerged from a crowded field of challengers with 32 percent.

  • Katie Glueck
    Katie Glueck Aug. 2, 2022

    About a quarter of the votes have been tallied in Kansas as voters decide whether to remove abortion rights protections from their State Constitution. But there are still no results from populous Johnson County, which includes moderate Kansas City suburbs.

  • Neil Vigdor
    Neil Vigdor Aug. 2, 2022

    The addition of 600,000 eligible voters in Washington State since the 2018 midterms appears to be helping turnout, with 135,000 more ballots returned this time, an increase of about a half of a percentage point, according to the secretary of state.

  • Neil Vigdor
    Neil Vigdor Aug. 2, 2022

    A polling site was moved in the city of Linden, Mich., after a suspicious backpack was left there on Tuesday. A law enforcement investigation is still ongoing, state elections officials said.

Republican Primary


Ann Wagner wins the Republican primary.

Race called by The Associated Press.

Updated 3:51 PM ET
>95% reported
Candidate Votes Pct.
Ann Wagner*
54,422 67.1%
Tony Salvatore
12,504 15.4
Wesley Smith
7,313 9.0
Paul Berry
6,888 8.5
Total reported

* Incumbent

Results by county

County Wagner Salvatore Smith Total votes Est. rpt.
St. Louis County 72% 13% 7% 50,622 >95%
Franklin 57 21 14 15,187 >95%
St. Charles 63 19 10 11,621 >95%
Warren 56 17 19 3,697 >95%