Alabama Primary Runoff Election Results

U.S. Senate

Representative Mo Brooks of Alabama, a six-term congressman, is facing Katie Britt, a former lobbyist, in a runoff election. Former President Donald J. Trump rescinded his endorsement of Mr. Brooks as he slid in the polls before the May 24 primary election. After the primary, Mr. Trump endorsed Ms. Britt.

Republican Primary Runoff

Updated June 23, 2022
>95% reported
Candidate Votes Pct.
Katie Britt
252,939 +63.0% 63.0%
Mo Brooks
148,431 +37.0% 37.0
Total reported

Analysis From Our Reporters

  • Jonathan Weisman
    Jonathan Weisman June 21, 2022

    Jeremy Hunt’s Achilles' heel was always the sense in his Georgia House district that he was really an Atlantan, parachuted in by Republican leaders. Chris West’s appeal was always that he was a true native of Southwestern Georgia.

  • Katie Glueck
    Katie Glueck June 21, 2022

    Yesli Vega, the Republican challenger who will take on Representative Abigail Spanberger in Virginia, was the chair of Latinos for Glenn Youngkin in the governor’s race last year.

  • Katie Glueck
    Katie Glueck June 21, 2022

    Cuellar’s victory in Texas has stoked a fresh round of Democratic recriminations as some on the left criticize national party leaders for backing the most staunchly anti-abortion Democrat in the House.

  • Maya King
    Maya King June 21, 2022

    It looks like an upset is possible in the Second Congressional District runoff in Georgia. Jeremy Hunt, the well-funded Army captain backed by top Republican leaders, is trailing Chris West, a lawyer and former Air Force officer. Hunt outspent West 10-to-1 in this primary.

  • Shane Goldmacher
    Shane Goldmacher June 21, 2022

    Mike Collins, who won the G.O.P. nomination in Georgia’s 10th district, is the son of a former congressman. Yet he ran as a “conservative outsider,” which says a lot about what sells in the Republican Party in 2022.

  • Shane Goldmacher
    Shane Goldmacher June 21, 2022

    Georgia has been a no good, very bad state for Trump’s endorsements this year. So far tonight one House candidate he backed there, Vernon Jones, has lost. The other, Jake Evans, is far behind in the early counting.

  • Azi Paybarah
    Azi Paybarah June 21, 2022

    The polls are now closed in Alabama. Voters who are currently in line to vote will be permitted to do so.

  • Maya King
    Maya King June 21, 2022

    Turnout in Georgia for the runoff elections was a fraction of the record highs seen during last month’s primary. That may be partly because of the state’s new election law, S.B. 202, which shortened the runoff period for elections statewide.

  • Deborah Storey
    Deborah Storey June 21, 2022

    Supporters of Representative Mo Brooks are setting up for his campaign watch party this evening at an indoor shooting range in Huntsville, Ala. He is facing Katie Britt in a runoff for the Republican nomination for Senate. Light turnout is being reported in the state.

U.S. House 5th District

Republican Primary Runoff

Updated June 22, 2022
>95% reported
Candidate Votes Pct.
Dale Strong
48,058 +63.4% 63.4%
Casey Wardynski
27,755 +36.6% 36.6
Total reported

State Legislature

State Senate

District Dist. Candidates Est. rpt.
12 Rep. 12 (R)
Kelley 55%
Ghee Draper 45%
23 Dem. 23 (D)
Stewart 56%
Sanders 44%

State House

District Dist. Candidates Est. rpt.
2 Rep. 2 (R)
Harrison 56%
Black 44%
4 Rep. 4 (R)
Moore* 54%
Johnson 46%
14 Rep. 14 (R)
Wadsworth* 56%
Fredricks 44%
20 Rep. 20 (R)
Lomax 63%
Taylor 37%
40 Rep. 40 (R)
Robertson 50.2%
Borrelli 49.8%
55 Dem. 55 (D)
Plump 51%
Scott 49%
56 Dem. 56 (D)
Tillman 71%
Huffman 29%
57 Dem. 57 (D)
Sellers 52%
Winston 48%
100 Rep. 100 (R)
Shirey 62%
Kupfer 38%

* Incumbent

Other Races



Public Service Commission

Secretary of State