North Carolina Election Results

Perhaps no Southern state has proven as bitterly divided in recent years as North Carolina. This year’s election results will hardly ease the state’s political tensions, but they will lay out the road map for the two years before the next statewide elections.

A handful of congressional races drew substantial attention and spending this election cycle, even as the state continued its recovery from Hurricane Florence and a second, less perilous hit from Hurricane Michael.

The greatest prize at stake, though, may be a wonky one with substantial consequences for public policy: the Republican supermajority in the General Assembly, which has allowed them to defy Gov. Roy Cooper, a Democrat, since he took office. Several dozen legislative seats this year are seen as at least somewhat competitive; Democrats need to gain at least four seats in the State House or six in the State Senate to end the supermajority.

North Carolina can be a fickle state: On the same day Mr. Cooper was elected in 2016, President Trump carried North Carolina by four percentage points.

Key House Races

U.S. House District 2 ›

Holding* George Holding*Republican Rep.170,07251.3%
Coleman Linda ColemanDemocrat Dem.151,97745.8%
Matemu Jeff MatemuLibertarian Lib.9,6552.9%

331,704 votes, 100% reporting (158 of 158 precincts)

* Incumbent

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Representative George Holding, a Republican seeking a fourth term, told supporters months ago that he believed he was trailing Linda Coleman in the district, which includes part of Raleigh as well as a number of smaller communities. But Mr. Holding held off his challenger.

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U.S. House District 9 ›

Harris Mark HarrisRepublican Rep.139,24649.3%
McCready Dan McCreadyDemocrat Dem.138,34148.9%
Scott Jeff ScottLibertarian Lib.5,1301.8%

282,717 votes, 100% reporting (210 of 210 precincts)

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The district, pulling in some Charlotte neighborhoods but also stretching eastward and well past Lumberton, was primed to be a close race even before the Republican incumbent, Representative Robert Pittenger, was defeated in a primary. Democrats have high hopes for their candidate, Dan McCready, while Republicans look to Mark Harris to retain a seat that the party has held since 1963. Mr. Harris won the strong support of the Trump administration.

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U.S. House District 13 ›

Budd* Ted Budd*Republican Rep.147,57051.5%
Manning Kathy ManningDemocrat Dem.130,40245.5%
Bailey Tom BaileyLibertarian Lib.5,5131.9%
Corriher Robert CorriherGreen Green2,8311.0%

286,316 votes, 100% reporting (220 of 220 precincts)

* Incumbent

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Encompassing much of Greensboro but also a swath of rural North Carolina, the 13th District saw a ferocious effort to stop Representative Ted Budd, a Republican member of the conservative Freedom Caucus, from returning to Washington for a second term. It failed. Kathy Manning, the Democratic candidate, ran an aggressive campaign, but it was not enough.

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State Senate
Dem. 18 won 3 lead
Rep. 29 won 0 lead
Ind. 0 won 0 lead

Dem. 18 won 3 lead
Rep. 29 won 0 lead
Ind. 0 won 0 lead
District Dist.CandidateRpt.
1 53%Steinburg Rep. 47%Phelps Dem.100%
2 62%Sanderson* Rep. 35%Garner Dem.100%
3 54%Smith* Dem. 46%Earley Rep.100%
4 58%Fitch* Dem. 40%Scott Rep.100%
5 55%Davis* Dem. 45%Robb Rep.100%
6 65%Brown* Rep. 35%Webb Dem.100%
7 54%Pate* Rep. 46%Brantley Dem.100%
8 59%Rabon* Rep. 39%Sink Dem.100%
9 49%Peterson Dem. 48%Lee* Rep.100%
10 63%Jackson* Rep. 38%Moore Dem.100%
11 57%Horner* Rep. 43%Pacer Dem.100%
12 60%Burgin Rep. 40%Sivoli Dem.100%
13 63%Britt* Rep. 37%Campbell Dem.100%
14 71%Blue* Dem. 26%Andrews Rep.100%
15 73%Chaudhuri* Dem. 23%Michael Rep.100%
16 65%Nickel Dem. 31%Smith Rep.100%
17 50%Searcy Dem. 47%Barringer* Rep.100%
18 50%Alexander* Rep. 47%Paul Dem.100%
19 50%DeViere Dem. 50%Meredith* Rep.100%
20 84%McKissick* Dem. 14%Stark Rep.100%
21 71%Clark* Dem. 29%Leever Rep.100%
22 62%Woodard* Dem. 36%Padgett Rep.100%
23 71%Foushee* Dem. 29%Glendinning Rep.100%
24 54%Gunn* Rep. 46%Wooten Dem.100%
25 57%McInnis* Rep. 43%Probst Mills Dem.100%
26 65%Tillman* Rep. 35%McCaskill Dem.100%
27 50%Garrett Dem. 50%Wade* Rep.100%
28 75%Robinson* Dem. 25%Porter Rep.100%
29 72%Gallimore Rep. 28%Love Dem.100%
30 63%Berger* Rep. 34%Mangrum Dem.100%
31 61%Krawiec* Rep. 39%Motsinger Dem.100%
32 73%Lowe* Dem. 27%Henderson Rep.100%
33 68%Ford Rep. 32%Wilhelm Dem.100%
34 70%Sawyer Rep. 30%McMiller Dem.100%
35 62%Johnson Rep. 38%Walker Dem.100%
36 57%Newton* Rep. 43%Shelley Dem.100%
37 78%Jackson* Dem. 20%Trotman Rep.100%
38 82%Mohammed Dem. 18%Rivette Rep.100%
39 53%Bishop* Rep. 47%Stachowicz Dem.100%
40 76%Waddell* Dem. 24%Shields Rep.100%
41 57%Marcus Dem. 43%Tarte* Rep.100%
42 66%Wells* Rep. 34%Vandett Dem.100%
43 64%Harrington* Rep. 34%Price Dem.100%
44 69%Alexander Rep. 31%Lattimore Dem.100%
45 65%Ballard* Rep. 35%Luther Dem.100%
46 70%Daniel* Rep. 30%Sherwood Dem.100%
47 62%Hise* Rep. 38%Wheeler Dem.100%
48 56%Edwards* Rep. 44%Bossert Dem.100%
49 64%Van Duyn* Dem. 34%Crawford Rep.100%
50 60%Davis* Rep. 40%Kuppers Dem.100%
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* Incumbent 

State House
Dem. 53 won 1 lead
Rep. 64 won 2 lead
Ind. 0 won 0 lead

Dem. 53 won 1 lead
Rep. 64 won 2 lead
Ind. 0 won 0 lead
District Dist.CandidateRpt.
1 53%Goodwin Rep. 47%Wesson Dem.100%
2 55%Yarborough* Rep. 45%Moss Dem.100%
3 55%Speciale* Rep. 42%Lee Dem.100%
4 63%Dixon* Rep. 35%Love Dem.100%
5 60%Hunter* Dem. 40%Smith Rep.100%
6 55%Hanig Rep. 45%Judge Dem.100%
7 58%Barnes Rep. 42%Richardson* Dem.100%
8 64%Smith Dem. 36%Smith Rep.100%
9 60%Murphy* Rep. 40%Rixon Dem.100%
10 69%Bell* Rep. 31%Blackmon Dem.100%
11 69%Dahle Dem. 27%Brooks Rep.100%
12 57%Humphrey Rep. 43%Graham* Dem.100%
13 73%McElraft* Rep. 27%diMaio Ind.100%
14 59%Cleveland* Rep. 41%Johnson Dem.100%
15 67%Shepard* Rep. 33%Whitten Dem.100%
16 59%Smith Rep. 41%Johnson Dem.100%
17 64%Iler* Rep. 37%Simmons Dem.100%
18 62%Butler* Dem. 35%Harmati Rep.100%
19 49%Davis* Rep. 47%Morgan Dem.100%
20 53%Grange* Rep. 47%Cohen Dem.100%
21 53%Smith Dem. 47%Freeman Rep.100%
22 57%Brisson* Rep. 43%Denning Dem.100%
23 61%Willingham* Dem. 39%Holtzman Rep.100%
24 51%Farmer-Butterfield* Dem. 49%Fontenot Ind.100%
25 51%Gailliard Dem. 45%Check Rep.100%
26 60%White* Rep. 40%Bennett Dem.100%
27 69%Wray* Dem. 31%Dyer Rep.100%
28 63%Strickland* Rep. 34%Massengill Dem.95%
29 88%Black* Dem. 12%Becker Rep.100%
30 74%Morey* Dem. 24%Burch Rep.100%
31 81%Forde-Hawkins Dem. 16%Webson Rep.100%
32 64%Garrison* Dem. 36%Shingler Rep.100%
33 79%Gill* Dem. 21%Murtha Rep.100%
34 66%Martin* Dem. 32%Whiteford Rep.100%
35 51%Everitt Dem. 46%Malone* Rep.100%
36 49%von Haefen Dem. 48%Dollar* Rep.100%
37 50%Batch Dem. 48%Adcock Rep.100%
38 82%Holley* Dem. 16%Bagnal Rep.100%
39 66%Jackson* Dem. 32%Allen Rep.100%
40 52%John* Dem. 45%Avila Rep.100%
41 67%Adcock* Dem. 33%Wilder Rep.100%
42 76%Lucas* Dem. 21%Williams Rep.100%
43 74%Floyd* Dem. 26%Czajkowski Rep.100%
44 57%Richardson* Dem. 44%Devore Rep.100%
45 59%Szoka* Rep. 42%Florez Dem.100%
46 64%Jones* Rep. 37%Yates-Lockamy Dem.100%
47 59%Graham* Dem. 41%Lowery Rep.100%
48 63%Pierce* Dem. 37%Walker Rep.100%
49 66%Ball* Dem. 31%Robertson Rep.100%
50 62%Meyer* Dem. 38%Rothrock Rep.100%
51 53%Sauls* Rep. 47%Mathis Dem.100%
52 63%Boles* Rep. 37%Simon Dem.100%
53 63%Lewis* Rep. 37%Chapman Dem.100%
54 63%Reives* Dem. 37%Stobbs Rep.100%
55 65%Brody* Rep. 35%Deese Dem.100%
56 86%Insko* Dem. 11%Cooke Rep.100%
57 68%Clemmons Dem. 33%Lawson Rep.100%
58 77%Quick* Dem. 23%Boykin Rep.100%
59 57%Hardister* Rep. 43%Buccini Dem.100%
60 69%Brockman* Dem. 31%Collins Rep.100%
61 73%Harrison* Dem. 27%Batts Rep.100%
62 57%Faircloth* Rep. 43%Shafer Dem.100%
63 51%Ross* Rep. 50%McAdoo Dem.100%
64 58%Riddell* Rep. 42%Lynch Dem.100%
65 57%Carter Rep. 35%Lee Dem.100%
66 51%Goodman* Dem. 47%Davis Rep.100%
67 73%Sasser Rep. 24%Webster Dem.100%
68 59%Horn* Rep. 41%Foulke Dem.100%
69 60%Arp* Rep. 40%Benson Dem.100%
70 77%Hurley* Rep. 23%Rulli Dem.100%
71 73%Terry* Dem. 27%Arnold Rep.100%
72 79%Montgomery Dem. 21%Reid Rep.100%
73 64%Zachary* Rep. 36%Stinson Dem.100%
74 55%Conrad* Rep. 45%LeGrand Dem.100%
75 53%Lambeth* Rep. 47%Besse Dem.100%
76 61%Warren* Rep. 39%Fowler Dem.100%
77 74%Howard* Rep. 26%Clark Dem.100%
78 79%McNeill* Rep. 21%Meredith Dem.100%
79 61%Kidwell Rep. 39%Langley Dem.100%
80 75%Jarvis Rep. 25%Sellars Dem.100%
81 72%Potts* Rep. 28%Phillips Dem.100%
82 53%Johnson* Rep. 47%Steele Dem.100%
83 53%Pittman* Rep. 47%Young Dem.100%
84 69%Turner* Rep. 31%Edwards Dem.100%
85 75%Dobson* Rep. 25%Larsen Dem.100%
86 65%Blackwell* Rep. 36%Barnsback Dem.100%
87 73%Hall* Rep. 27%Bregel Dem.100%
88 76%Belk* Dem. 24%Turner Rep.100%
89 72%Setzer* Rep. 28%Cranford Dem.100%
90 68%Stevens* Rep. 27%Wiles Dem.100%
91 73%Hall* Rep. 25%Booth Dem.100%
92 70%Beasley* Dem. 30%Ware Rep.100%
93 52%Russell Dem. 48%Jordan* Rep.100%
94 73%Elmore* Rep. 27%Little Dem.100%
95 64%Fraley* Rep. 36%Fassbender Dem.100%
96 61%Adams* Rep. 39%Bost Dem.100%
97 71%Saine* Rep. 30%Robertson Dem.100%
98 50%Clark Dem. 50%Bradford* Rep.100%
99 82%Majeed Dem. 18%Niday Rep.100%
100 71%Autry* Dem. 29%Campbell Rep.100%
101 79%Logan Dem. 21%Mauney Rep.100%
102 83%Carney* Dem. 17%Norris Rep.100%
103 50%Brawley* Rep. 50%Hunt Dem.100%
104 52%Lofton Dem. 48%Dulin* Rep.100%
105 52%Harris Dem. 48%Stone* Rep.100%
106 81%Cunningham* Dem. 20%Sherow Rep.100%
107 0%Alexander* Dem.Uncontested
108 60%Torbett* Rep. 40%Kellogg Dem.100%
109 59%Bumgardner* Rep. 41%Maxon Dem.100%
110 68%Hastings* Rep. 32%McCleary Dem.100%
111 65%Moore* Rep. 35%Brinkley Dem.100%
112 71%Rogers* Rep. 29%Gallagher Dem.100%
113 58%Henson* Rep. 42%Edney Dem.100%
114 82%Fisher* Dem. 18%Lindstam Rep.100%
115 58%Ager* Dem. 42%Evans Rep.100%
116 55%Turner* Dem. 45%Brown Rep.100%
117 60%McGrady* Rep. 40%Kemp Dem.100%
118 57%Presnell* Rep. 43%Schandevel Dem.100%
119 52%Queen Dem. 48%Clampitt* Rep.100%
120 73%Corbin* Rep. 27%Martin Dem.100%
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* Incumbent 

Ballot Measures

Establish a Constitutional Right to Hunt and Fish

For For2,061,76657.2%
Against Against1,544,25742.8%

3,606,023 votes, 100% reporting (2,706 of 2,706 precincts)

Expand Constitutional Rights for Crime Victims

For For2,242,02162.1%
Against Against1,366,57437.9%

3,608,595 votes, 100% reporting (2,706 of 2,706 precincts)

Voter ID Requirement

A photo ID would be required to vote in person.

For For2,028,72155.5%
Against Against1,623,59744.5%

3,652,318 votes, 100% reporting (2,706 of 2,706 precincts)

Income Tax Cap

The maximum allowable state income tax rate would be reduced to 7 percent from 10 percent.

For For2,073,18657.4%
Against Against1,539,09842.6%

3,612,284 votes, 100% reporting (2,706 of 2,706 precincts)

Create Judicial Vacancy Commission Amendment

Against Against2,359,82266.9%
For For1,169,69033.1%

3,529,512 votes, 100% reporting (2,706 of 2,706 precincts)

Legislative Appointments to Elections Board

Against Against2,175,86161.6%
For For1,355,97038.4%

3,531,831 votes, 100% reporting (2,706 of 2,706 precincts)