California’s 48th House District Election Results: Harley Rouda vs. Dana Rohrabacher

Rouda Harley RoudaDemocrat Dem.157,83753.6%
Rohrabacher* Dana Rohrabacher*Republican Rep.136,89946.4%

294,736 votes, 100% reporting (395 of 395 precincts)

* Incumbent

Representative Dana Rohrabacher, the Republican incumbent, is known for outrageous statements, pro-Russia views and solid support for President Trump; his deeply Republican district has re-elected him for three decades. But Democrats see him as the most vulnerable Republican in the state, and he is in a tossup contest with Harley Rouda, a real estate executive and former Republican who switched parties. “President Trump has changed everything,” Mr. Rouda has said.

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See all California results ›

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Dem. 50 60 70
Rep. 50 60 70
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