California’s 45th House District Election Results: Katie Porter vs. Mimi Walters

Porter Katie PorterDemocrat Dem.158,90652.1%
Walters* Mimi Walters*Republican Rep.146,38347.9%

305,289 votes, 100% reporting (444 of 444 precincts)

* Incumbent

Orange County used to mean Republican, but after an influx of Asian and Latino voters, it is becoming more purple. The two-term Republican incumbent in this district, Representative Mimi Walters, is a former investment banker; she is in a tight race with the Democratic challenger, Katie Porter, a liberal consumer protection lawyer and college professor who is a protégée of Senator Elizabeth Warren of Massachusetts.

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See all California results ›

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Dem. 50 60 70
Rep. 50 60 70
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