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SUNDAY — Hi busy bees! Welcome to today’s Spelling Bee forum. There are a number of terms that appear in both this article and other online discussions of the Spelling Bee; a glossary of those terms compiled by Monicat, a Times reader, can be found below. For more Spelling Bee conversation, check out Deb Amlen’s weekly humor column, “Diary of a Spelling Bee Fanatic.

Spelling Bee Forum Grid Generator

Center letter is in bold.

l b f g o r u


4 5 6 7 8 Σ
b: 8 2 1 - 1 12
f: 6 3 - - - 9
g: 5 - 1 - - 6
l: 5 - - 1 - 6
r: 1 - - - - 1
Σ: 25 5 2 1 1 34

Two letter list:

bl-5 bo-2 bu-5
fl-5 fo-2 fu-2
gl-2 go-2 gu-2
lo-4 lu-2

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