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Word of the Day: disintegrate

This word has appeared in 27 articles on NYTimes.com in the past year. Can you use it in a sentence?

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1. break into parts, elements or components

2. lose cohesion or unity

3. cause to undergo fission or lose particles, stored charge, magnetic flux or current

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The word disintegrate has appeared in 27 articles on NYTimes.com in the past year, including on Oct. 19 in “From the Underworld to Our World: An Opera About Frida and Diego” by Thomas May:

The opera is replete with references to the pre-Columbian Mexican culture and folklore that so profoundly inspired Kahlo and Rivera. The realm where the departed souls reside is depicted as Mictlan, the Aztec underworld. Access back to the world of the living for the Day of the Dead ritual is controlled by Catrina, a trickster figure.

Catrina also serves as the mouthpiece for the wit that leavens Cruz’s poetic, magic realism-inflected text. “Nothing illustrates the Mexican sense of humor and irony toward death more than the sugar-candy skulls that are made for the festivities of the Day of the Dead,” Cruz said, “as if death were sweet to eat and it can disintegrate in our mouths.”

Can you correctly use the word disintegrate in a sentence?

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